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The Influence of Interest: An Introduction to The Interesting IF

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Are you interested in knowing more about the subject of influence and the benefits it holds for entrepreneurs? Of course you are. There is no denying that when something is interesting, it gets our attention, and as an Internet entrepreneur, we want to get the attention of potential customers.

If you could trace the origin or genesis of a decision to identify the reason for the decision, chances are you will find one or more of the Golden 4 (interesting, entertaining, educational, and profitable) at the core. While the Interesting IF may not hold as much power as the Entertainment IF, interest is responsible for many decisions and often supports other Influencing Factors like a modifier.

Brain Food

Education is a powerful IF but can often become tedious and boring, but add interest and you have a very potent combination.

Using the Interesting IF along side other Influencing Factors is like a buy one get one free coupon, it is nearly irresistible. As an entrepreneur, your ability to use the influence of interest can dramatically change the outcome of any business venture and multiply profits exponentially.

Always remember that the outcome of every situation is subject to a variety of Influencing Factors. Know the IFs. Influence the outcome.

Ask questions. Get answers. Take action. Be an IF.

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