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The Influence of Entertainment: An Introduction to The Entertaining IF


You are part of a worldwide phenomenon that spends more than $2 trillion annually on entertainment. In the United States alone more than $600 billion is spent on entertainment every year, and that’s just the well known markets such as: television, movies, radio, music, gaming, books, and a variety of print. From a consumer standpoint, this is just depressing, but you are more than a consumer, you are an entrepreneur and the human weakness for entertainment is a blank check in your name.

The Golden 4 IFs: Interesting, Entertaining, Educational, and Profitable represent the genesis of nearly every other Influencing Factor on the Internet. Of the Golden 4, the power of the Entertainment IF is second only to Profit.

It is important we understand the difference between the "Entertainment Industry" and the word "entertainment".

Entertainment is a word to describe something that provides a form of amusement, pleasure, leisure, recreation, relaxation, fun, enjoyment, interest, satisfaction, or diversion.

The Entertainment Industry is a group of business markets such as: television, movies, radio, music, gaming, books, and a variety of print.

The Influencing Factor of entertainment is that humans crave pleasure. We like to feel good and the majority of the decisions we make are based on the perceived outcome of said decision to bring us pleasure in one form or another.

In short, the IF of entertainment is the ability to provide pleasure or satisfaction to influence a certain action and achieve a desired result.

Whether you are just getting started as an Internet entrepreneur or you are a seasoned pro, the influential power of entertainment is a very effective tool we should all wear on our belt.

Ask questions. Get answers. Take action. Be an IF.

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