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The Influence of Education: An Introduction to The Educational IF


Before your birth, while you were still in your mothers womb, the influence of education had already begun guiding your life to where it is today. You are a product of the Educational IF and everyday it is influencing your actions.

Like it or not, we are constantly processing new and old information that effects our decisions; this process is perpetual and is a result of the Educational Influencing Factor.

It almost sounds as if we have little or no control over our own lives; as though these outside influences are controlling everything. For many people this is a fairly accurate assumption.

The influential power of the IFs is enormous and the Educational IF is omnipresent as well as relentless, but we have the power of choice, we can choose to educate ourselves and benefit from the Influencing Factors of the world.

The Educational IF is used in many different ways to influence our decision making and ultimately our actions, so we must be proactive to insure we are on the receiving end of these benefits.

In short, the Educational IF is very powerful and often works in the shadows with the help of other IFs. Even though we are constantly and unknowingly influenced, we have the choice to educate ourselves to make use of and benefit from the power of the IFs.

Make a choice. Open your mind and be the master not the servant.

Ask questions. Get answers. Take action. Be an IF.

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