"Success and diamonds follow the same recipe, apply pressure while exercising patience."

The Courage to Work From Home and Earn an Income Online

Lion Courage

It’s a horrible feeling.

The push and pull of your fears and desires battling for your attention. Fear says “STAY!, it’s safer.” but desire tells you to run. You desire to work from home earning an income online but the fear and penalty of failure prevents you from taking the first steps.

You push your hopes and dreams aside to make room for reality while secretly wishing there was something you could do to change your circumstances.

Sound familiar?

Like most people, the safe road that takes us to a typical job with typical hours and typical pay is where we stay. We stay because of the illusion of security and the comfort of familiarity. We know we want more out of life, but society and our experiences trick us into compliance; into living a life we do not truly enjoy, a life that does not satisfy.

Do not abandon hope.

Forget about the fears of failure and criticism. Do not concern yourself with the negative beliefs of others who say you can’t do it. Stop making excuses and start looking for solutions. The Internet is loaded with legitimate ways to earn good money from home.

If you already have a job and can’t imagine quiting to start working from home, don’t worry and don’t quit. Start slow and small. Most successful entrepreneurs did not just decide to be successful and wakeup the next morning a full-time entrepreneur with a six figure income. Reaching your goals takes time, perseverance and understanding. Sure you can quit your full-time job and dive into the entrepreneur pool, but the results will not likely be good.

Be patient and smart. Take the time to plan, educate, and act.

Know the why

Why do you want to work from home? What are the benefits you seek from earning an income online?

Is it:

What do you enjoy doing? How do you spend your free time? What would you do if you had the time and money to do anything you wanted? Your life is only as good as you make it and if you do not pursue your desires, how good could it really be?

Get going

Start small and seek out websites that interest you; websites with subjects related to your desires. There are countless websites and communities online with every imaginable subject as the focus.

Educate yourself on subjects of interest and get involved in those communities. Ask and answer questions. Make connections and build a network of friends, associates and contacts that are interested and involved in the subjects you are interested in.

Research the possibilities of starting your own business/website and working from home. Link your interests to a business idea and get started. You have something to offer the world and you should get paid for it. Be creative. Be positive. Don’t give up. Use your knowledge and passion to meet the needs or desires of others and create an online income around it.

You have the entrepreneurial itch and you must scratch it or you will never be satisfied.

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