"Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do."

Build a Reputable Profile – Get involved in communities

Profile Reputation

Online, information travels at the click of a button.

Your reputation is incredibly important and the only thing more difficult than building a good one is repairing a bad one.

Do It Right The First Time

Whatever income strategy you follow, build an online profile around it.

You don't need to provide a full bio on yourself, this is an online profile and it can be tied to a user name, business name, product, website, etc. The goal is to create a profile that is linked to your income strategy and the subject(s) you cover.

The world has gone social, you must adapt and join or be left behind.

I advise joining a few websites that are related to what you will be doing online. If your subject is very broad like selling random items on eBay, you may need to dig a little before you find online communities that fit this profile.

Create a Twitter account and at a minimum a free website from one of the big providers (Wordpress, Jekyll, Tumblr, Blogger). You will need to publish content related to your subject(s). You don't have to publish hundreds of articles (not a bad idea though), but you do need to have content that both human visitors and search engines will find relative to your profile and income strategy/method.

Be Social

Join online communities and be active. Ask and answer questions and become known. Make connections with other people that share your interests and build a network of friends and associates.

You need to create a presence that can be followed and tied to your online activity that earns you money. This profile needs to be active and positive. You are building a reputation that others will remember and trust. This profile will allow you to expand your online ventures in the future as an already established and trusted profile.

Now that you have some of the basic information for earning money online, I hope you are ready to get started.

Remember to consider your strengths and weaknesses when you select an income path. Be patient, stay focused, and remember the Golden 4 IFs: Interesting, Entertaining, Educational, and Profitable.

Your future is in your hands and you should be very excited about it.

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