Knowledge, wisdom, and guidance for building an income online and having fun doing it.

About Us

The Mission

To help you profit from the Internet by providing interesting, entertaining, educational, and profitable advice, insight, and resources.


You deserve what you desire.

Success RoadProfit is a strong word that usually conjures thoughts of money and thats just fine, but I like to think of profit in a broader definition: beneficial, useful, advantageous, valuable, productive, and worthwhile.

The Internet is a place where the interesting, entertaining, educational, and profitable all exist simultaneously. As an entrepreneur, the Internet is an unlimited source of opportunity for all forms of profit.

With the worlds economy and markets in constant flux, more and more people are choosing the entrepreneurial path for their income and the Internet is the perfect place to get started. For many people a good job in the analog world can be difficult if not impossible to find but it’s not because jobs are disappearing it’s because jobs are migrating and transforming. It is the natural evolution of technological, social and economic change.


By identifying and learning to use the 4 Influencing Factors that encompass everything of any value online.

The Golden 4 IFs – The Cornerstones of the Internet

Interesting – Entertaining – Educational – Profitable

IFs or Influencing Factors determine the decisions and actions we make everyday and they are the genesis or reason for every success and every failure. By understanding the IFs, the why things are, we can combine this knowledge and wisdom with proven business strategies to produce unique and profitable outcomes online.


It’s Just ME

Mostever is my alter ego I created more than 20 years ago. I am not a professional writer so don't expect an exorbitant variety of transcendent and eloquent words or proper grammar. I am an entrepreneur with over 2 decades of online experience and a desire to share knowledge, wisdom, guidance, and opinion.

In the early years of the Internet I jumped at several opportunities that looked promising and like so many other people, I failed to create an income that met my needs and desires. Eventually I realized the problem was not the opportunities but the lack of understanding how to be a successful entrepreneur.

Do not let desperate desires control your actions.

I was making choices based on the desire for financial freedom and what that money could do for me, it had nothing to do with what I enjoyed doing or what I was passionate about. Do not let desperate desires control your actions. Do what you love and figure out how to get paid for it, that is the path to success and the purpose of being an entrepreneur.

I want to help you get paid for doing what you love, what you are passionate about. What is the point in making good money if you hate what you are doing?